Hard To Die (1993)

Rating: *
Director: Jim Wynorski
Cast: Robin Harris, Melissa Moore

Hmmm, more like "Hard To Watch." The cast of "Sorority House Massacre 2" (1992) returns for a remake of the same film. This time the girls are working overnight in a department store during the holidays to make some extra cash. It conveniently happens to be in the lingerie department, and the girls take turns undressing, showering, and trying on cute undergarments. But then the girls start getting gruesomely murdered. Luckily for the remaining girls, there's a gun store upstairs and they arm themselves with machine guns and take out the maniacal killer (or do they?). Complete with thoughtful ultra-slow motion close-ups of Robin Harris's perky breasts jiggling from the recoil of her M-16 butted against them, this is complete trash and a waste of time.