Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan (1984)

Rating: **
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Andie MacDowell

An orphaned boy (Christopher Lambert in his film debut) is raised by apes in the harsh jungles of Africa. He's eventually discovered by a safari team and reintroduced to society as Lord Greystoke. The transition is awkward to say the least, and he soon finds himself longing for the jungle life and the animal friends that he left behind. After all sorts of mistreatments by society, the final straw is when his father figure ape is captured and shot to death in front of Tarzan. After this, he decides to leave the cruel world of men and go back to the jungle. A fairly true adaptation of the original novel, but it's dreadfully boring, pretentious, and uninteresting. Andie MacDowell (dubbed with Glenn Close's voice!) plays Jane, Lord Greystoke's love interest. At least she's pretty to watch.