Get Christie Love (1974)

Rating: **
Review Date: 8/4/02
Cast: Teresa Graves

A well made detective story that suffers from a "made for TV" mentality. Christie Love (lean and leggy Teresa Graves) is a police detective who just happens to work for the biggest asshole I've seen in recent years. After busting a serial killer, she gets assigned to find a ledger that belongs to an untouchable drug lord. Her prime target is his woman, Helena Varga, and after a thorough investigation she finally manages to put the squeeze on her. Christie and her boss bust the drug ring, and the big jerk manages to sleaze his way into her apartment for a nightcap. Ew! Christie, just say no!

Teresa Graves is great. She's beautiful and sassy, and even gets into a couple of amusing scraps. There are also some rather dangerous chase scenes, including a head-on collision with a VW Bug that made me jump out of my chair. Very impressive. The 70's fashions and hip lingo are very entertaining, but the film as a whole seems rather bland. Definitely not exploitation fare - it literally looks like it was shot as a network television movie of the week. Even the music score sounds like it was lifted from a TV show.