Electric Light Orchestra: "Out Of The Blue" Tour Live At Wembley 1979 (1998)

Rating: **

What a disappointment! After twenty long years of waiting to see one of my favorite bands at the peak of their career, I get this sloppy and unprofessional concert video. The whole production suffers from amateur cinematography and dreadful editing, which is made worse by the overuse of awful digital video effects that often completely obscure what's going on and utterly destroy the concert experience (that's 1970's music video mentality for you!). The performance itself was only fair, due to Richard Tandy's keyboards being mixed higher than everything else and all of the string players being lost altogether (I think I heard them twice throughout the whole show). Another problem arises from the fact that about a third of the songs were lip-synced (!), causing a jarring and awkward break in continuity. Overall, as far as concert videos go, it was an average quality production, and being from the 1970's I've got to cut it a little slack.