Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark (1988)

Rating: ***
Cast: Cassandra Peterson, Morgan Sheppard, Jeff Conaway, Edie McClurg

Elvira makes it to the big screen with spectacular results. Being fed up with her television work, Elvira quits her job and shortly thereafter receives a telegram about claiming her deceased aunt's inheritance. So she goes to a small conservative town in Massachusetts where everyone hates her and inherits her aunt's creepy run-down house, her miniature poodle, and a cookbook of magic spells that her sinister uncle (Morgan Sheppard) wants to get his evil hands on. The rest of the film revolves around the townspeople trying to run Elvira out of town and Uncle Vincent trying to get the spell book. But the kids are on her side, and Elvira's own magic powers finally awaken as she confronts her uncle who is turning into a nasty demon. Extremely funny and very well written, the non-stop barrage of quick wit, sexual innuendo, and boob jokes keeps you laughing throughout the entire film. Great fun!