Day Of The Warrior (1996)

Rating: *
Director: Andy Sidaris
Cast: Julie Strain

Someone should take away Andy Sidaris's camera and beat him with it, and Julie Strain should not act in movies. Julie Strain and some other buxom bimbos are all part of an elite law enforcement agency that deals with dangerous high powered criminals. Some nasty villain finds out which of these agents are undercover and starts taking them out, and that sets the stage for the girls' next mission. Stupid, stupid, stupid, building up to a wrestling match between the head villain, who's a greased up WWF wrestler dressed as an Indian chief, and Julie Strain, who's in some outlandish American flag print bikini. Oh... my... god... It's also full of the requisite bad acting, atrocious dialog, and smutty softcore sex and get naked scenes which are pivotal to Sidaris's work. Nearly unbearable.