Cyborg (1989)

Rating: ***
Director: Albert Pyun
Cast: Jean Claude Van Damme

The title is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, there is a cyborg in the film, but she doesn't do anything even remotely cyborg-ish and has little more than a cameo in the film. In a post apocalyptic America, Jean Claude Van Damme is a fighter with a jaded past who ends up escorting a cyborg with an important vaccine to a top secret medical installation. Unfortunately, she gets kidnapped by a bunch of really nasty bad guys, and it's up to Van Damme to kick some butt to get her back. Good looking low budget fun from genre director Albert Pyun. He has a great cinematic eye, but the scripts he tends to work with are dreadful. This was the first Van Damme film I ever saw and had no clue who he was, but we even made fun of him back then. This was also the first film that Kris, Susan, Merinda, and I saw together, and Susan still has bad memories of that night. I guess not everyone appreciates bad entertainment...