Captain America 2: Death Too Soon (1979)

Rating: **
Review Date: 8/22/99
Cast: Reb Brown, Connie Sellecca, Christopher Lee

This tacky and cheezy made for TV movie somehow still manages to be marginally entertaining. Maybe it's just the 70's nostalgia. Christopher Lee is a worldwide terrorist named Miguel (?) who concocts a nasty chemical that causes people to rapidly age. He threatens to use it on the President unless his demands are met, and infects Portland, Oregon to prove that he means business. Of course, buff and boyishly handsome Captain America is on the case and saves the day with his star-spangled spandex suit and matching motorcycle. I never quite understood what Captain America's gig was. I guess he's just an unusually strong guy, with enhanced sensory perception and the ability to jump really high (complete with bionic man sound effects). Harmless camp fun, and when all else fails, there's pretty scientist babe Connie Sellecca to watch.