The Big Clock (1947)

Rating: **
Review Date: 12/13/14
Cast: Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, cameo by Harry Morgan

George (slick Ray Milland) works for a megalomaniacal magazine publisher named Earl Janoth (slimy Charles Laughton). Through a convoluted series of events, George ends up investigating a murder where it becomes increasingly evident that he is the number one suspect. Time is running out for George, and a desperate game of cat and mouse plays out between him and Janoth.

It's a good looking and well made film, and the opening shot is particularly interesting (if not entirely convincing). Although Ray Milland's character isn't overly likable, he plays the part to perfection, and seeing his mental and emotional state slowly unravel is fascinating. Charles Laughton plays a despicable power-mad cad who is obsessed with time and efficiency, no matter what the cost. He's delightfully horrible. Harry Morgan has a small role as one of Janoth's personal "enforcers," and he's truly creepy. While it's a good film, it wasn't to my liking. The lightly comedic tone and eccentric characters turned me off, and the tension towards the end of the film becomes unbearably uncomfortable.