Blood From The Mummy's Tomb (England 1971)

Rating: **
Review Date: 1/13/02
Written By: Bram Stoker (Jewel Of The Seven Stars)
Cast: Valerie Leon, Andrew Keir

Tera, the Queen Of Darkness, has been waiting for centuries to reunite her drifting soul with her physical body. That body (and what a body!) belongs to a young woman named Margaret (sexy Valerie Leon), who is the daughter of an obsessed Egyptologist (Andrew Keir). After receiving a precious Egyptian ring for her birthday, Margaret's body starts to become possessed by Tera and she begins tracking down sacred relics and killing everyone who gets in her way. Can anyone stop her dreaded reincarnation?

Pretty typical horror stuff from Hammer Studios - it looks nice, is well directed, and has an excellent music score. It also serves up a nice offering of Valerie Leon's impressive cleavage. More than anything, it's the strength of her character and her powerful image that holds the film together. She's quite pretty, despite the wicked eye makeup and the awful wig. Throughout the film we get to see her breathe deeply, wear sexy sleepwear, rip people's throats out through sheer will power, and eat bananas. And boy, can she eat bananas... Like many films of the time, the pacing can be tedious, but it's marginally fun throughout.

Valerie Leon
Valerie Leon demonstrates the proper way to eat a banana.