Black Scorpion (1995)

Rating: **
Review Date: 1/2/00
Cast: Joan Severence, Garrett Morris, Anita Hart

Okay, it's stupid, and campy, and oh so corny, but I found myself sort of enjoying it thanks to Joan Severence's strong persona. An aggressive female cop (Joan Severence) takes the law into her own hands when she decides to avenge her father's death by donning black vinyl fetish gear and beating up criminals. Also, in a bizarre motivational case study, she uses the strength of her masked vigilante persona to take out her sexual frustrations on her police partner who's a complete jerk. Chicks. Who can figure them out? She also hooks up with a car thief (Garrett Morris) who in a matter of hours manages to modify her red Corvette so that it can turn into a black bullet-proof Porsche at the push of a button. Handy. But Garrett isn't the only one with tricks up his sleeve. Black Scorpion also manages to incorporate a stun gun/blow torch into her scorpion ring that is powered by a nine-volt battery, and has devised some killer jet-propelled boots. It's also ingenious how her boots lose their stiletto heels whenever anything other than walking is required. (this is a common continuity issue that I've noticed in a lot of films) And then there's the villain. Actually, we don't need to talk about him because he's so silly. In spite of all of its flaws and B-movie cheeziness, its saving grace is that Joan Severence is fun to watch. She's pretty and despite the awful dialog, she manages to maintain her aggressive intensity throughout the film. She also looks pretty good in black vinyl - especially from behind. Another perk was seeing Frederick's Of Hollywood model Anita Hart as a drop dead gorgeous wrestler.