Black Emanuelle 2 (Italy 1976)

Rating: *
Review Date: 3/29/10
Cast: Shulamith Lasri

Terrible. For reasons that I cannot fathom, this softcore porn romp was included in a female action compilation set that I have. The film opens with Emanuelle (pretty Shulamith Lasri) chained naked in a prison cell and being whipped with a cat o' nine tails. What does this have to do with the story? Nothing, as far as I can tell. The filmmakers obviously don't know either, because that's the last we see of it. After getting the pointlessly lurid opening credits out of the way, the film begins proper. Emanuelle was violently gang raped as a young girl and has suppressed the traumatic incident in the depths of her mind. Confined to a mental hospital, her doctor forces her to relive her past experiences in order to heal her shattered psyche. This of course involves her getting naked about every fifteen minutes or so, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because she has beautiful breasts (she's definitely a Kevin Taylor girl). After being "cured," she decides to swear off all men and runs off with a sex-crazed mentally unstable woman instead. But the woman has connections, including a muscle-bound dude who can lift a twelve pound anchor with his penis. I'm sure that's good for something. Ridiculous.