Benise: Nights Of Fire (2005)

Rating: ****
Review Date: 5/18/06

Astounding! The first time I saw Roni Benise, he was playing on the street in Downtown Disney. I was so impressed by his music ("Shakara" in particular) that I immediately purchased his "Spanish Nights" CD. Now, three years later, he and his band have graduated to a massive stage show, complete with dancers, strings, horns, percussionists, and a wide variety of musical guests. The production is top notch and all of the players are superb. The fusion of flamenco and rock is perfectly complemented by a dazzling light show, a huge video screen, and a beautiful stage. Quite possibly the finest concert videos I've even seen. Most notably, I never once saw a cameraman or a boom shadow in a shot, so it must have been filmed over several nights and meticulously edited. The video quality is also quite high, and the colors are sharp, bright, and vibrant. A truly amazing and emotionally charged performance matched by a flawless production. Definitely check it out if you get the chance.