Battle Beneath The Earth (1967)

Rating: **
Review Date: 5/21/15
Cast: Kerwin Mathews, Viviane Ventura

A silly Cold War paranoia film about a rogue Chinese general who tunnels under the United States with a high tech laser boring machine and plans to bomb the country back to the Stone Age. Commander Shaw (Kerwin Mathews) leads a team of naval soldiers underground to sabotage the operation and save the free world from this atomic madman. Viviane Ventura shows up as a Hawaiian geologist with plunging cleavage and offers some nice feminine eye candy. She also gets second billing, despite the fact that she only has a few minutes of screen time.

Despite the ludicrous premise, the film takes itself and the threat of foreign invasion very seriously. It praises American ingenuity at the price of being appallingly racist, and the Chinese villains come across as offensively absurd caricatures. Typical of the time period, the "happy ending" results in the detonation of a nuclear bomb, which the heroes somehow manage to outrun. The production values are average at best, and the film suffers from a bunch of laughable continuity errors and recycled footage. An innocuous time waster at best.