Bamboo Gods And Iron Men (1974)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/19/14
Producer: Cirio Santiago
Cast: James Iglehart, Chiquito, cameo by Vic Diaz

Top boxer Cal Jefferson (James Iglehart) and his wife are spending their honeymoon in Manila and get mixed up in a smuggling operation. A mute Chinese fighter (Chiquito) helps them out and even teaches Cal some kung fu, which will come in handy later in the film. The film's punch line is clever, but overly predictable.

This is a hard film to sit through due to its light-hearted tone and silly attempts at humor. Chiquito's character is played for laughs, but he's more annoying than anything. James Iglehart is quite charming and his fight scenes are marginally entertaining, but the majority of the action falls on Chiquito's puny shoulders. The production values are pretty decent for a Filipino film, and the acting is more than adequate. The 70's fashions are great to look at, but it's a shame that the story is so weak and uninteresting.