Armed And Dangerous (2004)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/21/05
Cast: Tylene Buck, Rachel Elizabeth

Avoid at all costs. Irredeemable filth that's worse than I dared to imagine. Makes Scotty JX's "" (2004) look like Oscar material. This no budget atrocity is Peach Video's pathetic attempt at girls with guns erotica, and it fails on every level. The video consists of several short vignettes that involve young ladies getting naked and rubbing themselves, and is aimed at people who are too cheap and lazy to go to strip clubs. Sometimes guns are involved, but only for phallic symbolism. The DVD also features some bonus footage of the girls actually shooting guns at a firing range, but it's wholly uninteresting and the girls don't look like they're enjoying it or taking it seriously. Home video production quality with a poorly dubbed soundtrack. The fact that this video even exists just makes me angry, and continues to drive home the fact that I'm not doing anything to address the problem. Damn. It's time for me to get to work...