The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

Rating: ***
Cast: Vincent Price, Virginia North, Joseph Cotten, Caroline Munro

Anton Phibes (Vincent Price) was a magnificent doctor and a brilliant organist, who became disfigured in a car accident after he learned of his wife's death. Driven mad by the loss of his wife, he starts killing everyone who was involved with trying to save Victoria Phibes (Caroline Munro) in stunning and imaginative ways. Therein lies the charm of the film. How is Dr. Phibes going to kill his next victim? His final victim is the surgeon who tried to save Victoria's life, and Dr. Phibes gives him a nasty challenge. He's surgically implanted a key in the surgeon's son's chest, and if he doesn't successfully remove it in a certain amount of time, a bucket of acid will fall on the poor boy's face. The good surgeon manages to save his son, but Dr. Phibes has gotten away, albeit in a crude and disgusting fashion. Bizarre psychedelic sets and camera work make the film visually interesting, along with Dr. Phibes' extremely pretty and enigmatic assistant, Vulnavia (mesmerizing Virginia North).