The Abductors (1971)

Rating: *
Cast: Cheri Caffaro

The sensibilities in this early 70's sexploitation flick just left me dumbfounded. Cheri Caffaro plays a detective named Ginger, the self-proclaimed female James Bond. Her methods are... curious, and she seems more interested in sex than anything else. When four young girls are kidnapped from a small town, Ginger is called in to investigate. She uses her charms to extract information from people, and when all else fails, she resorts to violence. It turns out that the kidnapped girls are being trained in sexual proficiency and sold off to wealthy businessmen by the town banker, and Ginger finally takes them down (in more ways than one). The banker's raving monologue at the end is just dreadful. The flimsy story is really just a framework to hang lots of gratuitous softcore sex with unattractive people off of. The dialog is laughably bad, and Ms. Caffaro's wardrobe (when she's not naked) is simply mind-boggling in its garrishness. Wow. And is it just me, or did women's breasts just look a lot different in the 1970's?