Armored Saint: A Trip Thru Red Times (2003)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 3/21/04
Cast: John Bush, David Prichard, Joey Vera, Gonzo, Jeff Duncan, Phil Sandoval

A very entertaining look at Armored Saint's early years that doubles as a tribute to guitarist Dave Prichard who passed away in 1990. "A Trip Thru Red Times" was originally released on video in 1991 and is a compilation of live footage from various gigs. Their amusing promo video for "Can U Deliver" is also included in the mix. The DVD release adds several bonus videos including "Reign Of Fire" and "Last Train Home" from their "Symbol Of Salvation" album, as well as a highly entertaining interview/storytelling session. There's a lot of fun chemistry in the band, and they're all thoughtful and mature. I must admit, I was surprised by how captivating they are to listen to, since listening to most musicians just bores me to tears. The audio and video quality varies dramatically, but overall the production is professional and well assembled. It really hits the spot for Armored Saint fans and old 80's headbangers alike.