Zero Woman 2 (Japan 1995)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Zero Woman (U.S. Title)
Cast: Natsuki Ozawa, Kane Kosugi

An extremely sleazy shot on video softcore porn romp trying to parade around as an erotic police thriller. Cute and sexy Natsuki Ozawa is Zero Woman, a special police operative who investigates underworld crimes. The action is sparse and uninspired, and the film is little more than an excuse to get Ms. Ozawa naked (which she is quite a bit in the first half of the film). Complete trash and barely competently made. An interesting side note it that it features Kane Kosugi (son of the legendary Sho Kosugi) as the only guy in the show who can throw a decent kick.

Notes on the domestic release: What a rip-off! Media Blasters has domestically released this tape as "Zero Woman", when in fact it's "Zero Woman 2!" Anyway, the subtitling is nice and outside of the letterbox, and it's a competently produced package.