Zen Of Sword (HK 1992)

Rating: ***
Director: Yuen Chun Man
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Michelle Reis, Waise Lee, Wei Ying Hung

Ah yes, my first Cynthia Khan film. After having her kingdom destroyed, princess Michelle Reis and her two royal bodyguards (Cynthia Khan and Waise Lee) are fleeing to safety. The princess has a jade pipe in her possession which is the key to a secret treasure, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. Complications arise when the princess meets a handsome swordsman from an enemy clan, and they fall in love. Their love manages to survive the trials of deception, betrayal, and battle, and eventually all of their conflicts are resolved. A nice looking and well made period action film that's fun and exciting to watch. Cynthia Khan is great as a royal bodyguard and burns up the screen with her trademark fierce intensity. Beautiful Michelle Reis handles her role as princess with both authority and innocence. Veteran kung fu cutie Wei Ying Hung also shows up as a nasty whip-weilding villainess, but she sadly doesn't get much to do. Good stuff.