Young Wisely (HK 199?)

Rating: *
Cast: David Wu, Loletta Lee, Melvin Wong

Dreadful. This shot-on-video atrocity is a stupid and incongruous tale about a group of teenagers, one of whom gets possessed by some nasty supernatural force. Melvin Wong shows up sporadically as the Indiana Jones-like Wisely, and his scenes are ridiculous and painfully out of place. Wisely's son (David Wu) and his girlfriend (adorable Loletta Lee) are the main players who end up battling their evil friend. Extremely low production value, made worse by horribly cheesy digital effects and cornball acting. It's really sad to see talent of this caliber reduced to working in productions like this. Loletta Lee is cute, and perhaps that is the film's only saving grace (it's no wonder she went on to making adult softcore movies instead of this crap).