The Young Avenger (HK 1979)

Rating: **
Review Date: 10/20/00
Cast: Yung Wang Yu, Tsui Siu Keung (Norman Chu), Wilson Tong, cameo by Wong Hang Sau

Well, my kung fu movie reviews are all starting to sound the same. Here's another dreadful film that is once again saved by a blistering kung fu finale. Yung Wang Yu hams his way through the film as a grave robber and a gambler. His life changes one fateful night when he offends a ghost in the graveyard, and the ghost presses him into service as penance. "You're a criminal, and you even dare to pee on my remains!" chimes the ghost. From this point, the film adopts a simple revenge plot. The ghost wants Wang Yu to avenge his death by killing the four men who betrayed him seventeen years earlier and caused his face to be eaten by ants. The ghost also teaches Wang Yu some kung fu along to the way to help him in his quest. And so the last thirty minutes of the film becomes a kung fu free-for-all as Wang Yu transforms from a petty thief to a hellbent avenger against such foes as brothel owner Norman Chu and super bad guy Wilson Tong. Pretty Wong Hang Sau shows up as the brothel madam, and has an all too brief bout with Wang Yu before Norman Chu shows up. A slow starter, but the fight choreography and cinematography is fantastic, and the performers are spot-on.