Village On Fire (HK 1973)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Awaken Punch
Review Date: 9/3/11
Stunt Coordinator: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Yu Yung, Tien Feng, Kenneth Tsang

A sub-standard action film with above average fight choreography from the legendary Yuen Woo Ping. Unfortunately, the camera work is terrible and the majority of the climax is filmed in complete darkness, so you can't see anything. Yu Yung plays a tough guy who drifts into town and quickly finds himself in trouble. However, after his father passes away, he promises to give up fighting and settle down as a farmer. The entire first hour revolves around all of the insults and injustices he suffers, until finally, at the end, he explodes in a violent rage of unbridled fury. Naturally, the law is nowhere to be found during his time of crisis and need, but they're quick to arrest him after the bad guys are all dead. The film ends abruptly and hilariously with the words:

"You should leave retribution to the law. THE LAW! THE LAW!"

Pretty awful on all accounts, but Yu Yung is a good fighter and the fight choreography is fast and fluid. This may also be the first film I've ever seen Tien Feng fight in, which was a bit of a shock. A very young Kenneth Tsang shows up as a family friend, which was a pleasant surprise. I don't think I've ever seen him fight, either. Recommended only for die-hard collectors and kung fu completists.