Vengeance Of Snow Maid (HK 1982)

Rating: *
Cast: Mo Ka Kei, Chen Chen

I really wanted to like this film. It's about a woman who is wronged by a nasty guy and dies while giving birth to an adorable daughter. The hideously ugly snow woman raises the young girl and trains her in kung fu so that she may some day avenge her mother's rape. And she does, sort of. The film is very slow and mostly uninteresting, and features some of the ugliest people ever caught on film. Unfortunately, the kung fu is sub-standard quality and isn't very interesting either. The final insult is that the dubbing is awful and the translation seems to be a bit off, confusing the viewer more than helping them. Its one redeeming quality is that the Snow Maid herself is very cute, and has a fierce intensity and feisty attitude. Too bad the fighting couldn't complement that. Barely watchable if you just fast forward to the scenes that she's in.