The Vigilantes (HK 1975)

Rating: **
Cast: Polly Shang Kwan, Yasuaki Kurata

Well, the first twenty minutes and the last twenty minutes are pretty exciting, but the hour inbetween gets rather dull. Spitfire Polly Shang Kwan's father has been framed and arrested for smuggling salt. She decides to go after the real bad guy, Yasuaki Kurata, and twenty minutes into the film disguises herself as a boy with an awful looking Bruce Lee wig. Then the pace of the film slows to a crawl as Ms. Kwan schemes and double-schemes to get her revenge. But she finally does with the help of a big tough dumb guy who just happens to be an undercover detective (which we find out in the last minute of the film). Sure. The fighting is good, if not a little sparse, and Ms. Kwan and Mr. Kurata look great and hit hard. Too bad it's rather dull.