The Victim (HK 1980)

Rating: ***
Director: Samo Hung
Martial Arts Choreography: Samo Hung, Yuen Biao, Lam Ching Ying
Cast: Samo Hung, Leung Ka-Yan

A Samo Hung kung fu classic that features all of the trademarks of the genre, and some mind-blowing kung fu courtesy of Samo Hung and Leung Ka-Yan. Samo Hung is a jolly wandering martial artist who picks fights with anyone he can learn something from. When he meets Leung Ka-Yan who is better than he is, he begs him to become his student. He'll have nothing to do with him, but soon they all get caught up in some nasty family affairs that result in the death of Leung's beautiful wife. Then about an hour into the film the plot takes a drastic turn and Samo's true nature as the victim is revealed. Typical of most kung fu movies, it's kind of longwinded and tiresome, but it is still a remarkable achievement in martial arts cinema.