Ultracop 2000 (HK 1992)

Rating: *
Cast: Yukari Oshima, Philip Ko

Unbelievably bad. Two aliens from Mars (a cop and a criminal) show up on Earth and catch the attention of a local police unit investigating arms smuggling. Philip Ko and Yukari Oshima are two of the officers trying to track down the aliens and are helped by a goofy scientist, a gay man with AIDS (who the aliens are terrified of), and an instructional tai-chi swordplay manual. Yes, it's worse than it sounds. (maybe it should have been titled "Ultracrap 2000" instead) The only semi-bright spots in the film are seeing Ms. Oshima run around in SWAT fatigues (she doesn't even have any good fights!) and some impressive, but brief, swordplay by Philip Ko. Not nearly enough to justify watching the film again - or in the first place.