Ultimate Revenge (HK 1995)

Rating: *
Cast: Ronnie Ricketts, Cynthia Khan, Kim Maree Penn

A competently made but barely watchable Filipino action film "starring" Cynthia Khan. Much better than her other Filipino projects with Philip Ko, but she is reduced to cameo status and shows up only peripherally at 35 minutes, 65 minutes, and for the final ten minute climax where she and sexy Kim Maree Penn ("In The Line Of Duty 5") beat each other up. The story is a by-the-numbers tale of a trio of hot-headed cops and a group of violent drug smugglers. When the bad guys kill some of the good guys' loved ones, they decide to go above the law to get revenge. Why Cynthia Khan is involved, I have no idea. She looks very cute and her fight with Ms. Penn is pretty good, but for a couple of shots Ms. Penn has a totally bizarre body double for no apparent reason, severely throwing off the continuity. Maybe she got hurt during the filming. A continuity problem with the video transfer is the fact that the movie effortlessly bounces between widescreen and full screen! What gives? And finally, in the "funny credits" department Hong Kong veteran Lily Li is listed, but is nowhere to be seen in the film.