Transmigration Romance (HK 1991)

Rating: **
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Carter Wong (?), cameo by Sophia Crawford

Pretty awful. A guy falls in love with a ghost, and his ghost-busting sister (Cynthia Khan) is out to save him. Extremely disjointed with no clear sense of direction, the only highlights are the scenes that Ms. Khan is in. She looks great and even has a few decent token fights thrown in. It's good to see her in a non-typical role, although ironically the film begins with her failing an exam at the police academy. The action scenes are enjoyable and Ms. Khan exhibits some different martial arts forms as well as some Taoist magic-fu (including flying swastikas and magic soul-kicking shoes!). First of all, do yourself a favor and listen to the Cantonese audio track, since Ms. Khan's dubbed Mandarin voice is EXTREMELY whiny and irritating. Laughably bad subtitle typos abound, adding to the confusion, and the soundtrack was blatantly lifted from "In The Line Of Duty 5" (1990).