The Traitorious (HK 1976)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: Shaolin Traitorous
Cast: Carter Wong, Polly Shang Kwan, Chang Yi, Samo Hung

"Asian Cult Cinema" claims that this film was made in 1976, as opposed to "Deadly China Dolls" which claims 1969. Given the look and feel of the film and the industry, and the age of the actors, I'm inclined to go with 1976.

A young boy witnesses the cruel murder of his family by wicked government officials and goes to Shaolin Temple in order to learn kung fu and get revenge. (sound familiar?) By the end of his training, the young boy has grown up into buff and brawny Carter Wong and he leaves the temple to get his revenge. (On a side note, the 18 bronze men at Shaolin Temple are hilarious because they are actors painted gold who are pretending to be statues - yet, they never come alive and attack, or do anything like one would expect. So why not just have bronze statues instead of wiggling actors who are trying to stand still?) Along the way, Wong teams up with the head villain's adopted daughter (cute and feisty Polly Shang Kwan) and together they kill everybody. Ms. Kwan steals the show. She is a great fighter and has that same burning intensity as Cynthia Khan. In fact, she's like the Cynthia Khan of the 70's. Samo Hung shows up as a villain, which is interesting, but his performance is almost embarrassing. He does get into a pretty good fight with Wong using a staff and a three-section whip, but other than that, he's pretty silly. Standard classic kung fu fare.