Ten Brothers Of Shaolin (HK 1977)

Rating: **
Cast: Judy Lee (Chia Ling), Chang Yi, Philip Ko, Leung Ka-Yan

A Shaolin monk movie "starring" Judy Lee. Unfortunately, she only gets into three short fights before giving up the ghost to the villainous Chang Yi. The ten disciples of Shaolin are in charge of escorting an important Ming leader back to his people so he can organize an attack against the Ching empire. But the nasty Chings want him dead, and make life very hard for the monks. A very straight forward kung fu flick, with the good guys getting ambushed by new and more powerful forces about every ten minutes or so. The fighting is pretty good, but the moves are very stiff and deliberate as was the trend at the time. Judy Lee looks great and swings around a mean spear, but her participation is merely peripheral. A shame.