The Tattoo Connection (HK 1978)

Rating: **
Review Date: 6/20/00
Cast: Jim Kelly, Chen Sing, Bolo Yeung

A marginally entertaining kung fu fest featuring Jim Kelly as an American insurance investigator who's looking for a stolen diamond in Hong Kong. He locks horns with the nimble Chen Sing, who's not really a bad guy - he's just working for bad people. He wants to leave his life of crime and run off with his girlfriend, but his sense of honor won't let him leave his benefactor's side. Things finally get ugly at the end, and both Kelly and Sing end up working together to take down the vicious gang boss. Jim Kelly's smooth moves are raw and intense, and Chen Sing's amazing leg work is always a treat to watch. Not surprisingly, most of the film is rather lacking, but the fighting is good and plentiful.