The Tale Of A Heroine (Taiwan 1993)

Rating: **
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Wei Ying Hung

A surprisingly good low budget swordplay film about a young girl who is seeking revenge against an evil and powerful swordsman for killing her father and kidnapping her mother (Wei Ying Hung). The actress who plays the main character is very cute and is a very competent swordswoman. I wish I knew who she was! Incorporating the dreaded "girl dresses as boy and fools everyone" plot device, she enlists the aid of a goofy and annoying guy to help her sneak into the bad guy's fortress. There, she meets up with master swordswoman Cynthia Khan, and the two of them pull off some very nice swordplay with minimal wire effects. The fighting in the film is very good, and the main villain's sword and staff work is quite impressive. The only thing that spoils this entertaining film is the forced and unfunny humor.