Tai-Chi 2 (HK 1996)

Rating: **
Producer: Anthony Wong
Director: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Jacky Wu, Christy Chung, Sibelle Hu, Billy Chow

A rather disappointing outing by Yuen Woo Ping after the amazing "Tai-Chi Master" (1994) and "Wing Chun" (1994). There is a fair amount of decent fighting and teenager Jacky Wu demonstrates several different forms, including some mantis-fu and his own lethal pig-tail stance. A surprisingly goofy looking Billy Chow shows up for a few fights and even delivers a few lines of dialog. (!!!) Unfortunately, a lot of the wire tricks are poorly executed and many are just downright silly, but where the film really falls apart is in its delivery. The story is an uninteresting rehash of "Once Upon A Time In China" (1991) and the characters all lack charm and charisma. (even former beauty queen Christy Chung is rather hideous to behold) Overall, an unremarkable film with above average fighting.