Swordswoman In White (Taiwan 198?)

Rating: *
Review Date: 4/22/13

I think we can all agree that the classic Ocean Shores dubbing team is awful, but there are worse out there. MUCH worse. Take this abomination, for instance, which features some of the worst dubbing of all time. At least the Ocean Shores dubs tried to remain authentic to the material, whereas this film features a completely inappropriate contemporary flavor, and probably an altered plot. This is a Chinese period piece about the White Lotus Rebellion of 1794, and the English translation has the rebels ordering anchovy pizzas, referencing "Jeopardy!" as their favorite game show, being "as rich as Ed McMahon", and claiming that "our enemies will eat us like Kentucky Fried Chicken!" Oh yeah, there's also a jive talking Chinese pimp character as well. Simply appalling. The only redeeming quality of the film is some spirited sword fighting by the cute female lead, who is very fierce and aggressive. It's just a shame that the presentation is so horrible.