Super Lady Cop (HK 1992)

Rating: **
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Alex Man, Athena Chu, Yuen Wah

Full of silly stunts, stupid humor, and very pretty women. Cynthia Khan plays a superhuman cop from mainland China who is chasing down three renegade superhumans, and teams up with an annoying Hong Kong cop named Shui (Alex Man) and a cute and perky street punk named Yoki (Athena Chu) along the way. Ms. Khan is as cute as ever, especially when she tranforms herself into Chun Li (from "Street Fighter II") at the end of the film. Just don't ask why... Overall, it's a fairly enjoyable ride. The humor is tedious, but manageable. The fighting is decent, even though it's often undercranked and overly goofy.

Notes on the DVD release: Buyer beware! What a rip-off! The DVD re-issue of this lame-brained film has all of the "Street Fighter II" references removed from it, which were the only scenes worth watching in the first place. This leaves a huge continuity hole at the end of film, and is overall a serious disappointment. (all of a sudden, the bad guys are all dead for no apparent reason) There are also a handful of other scenes that are missing, including Yoki interrupting Shui and his girlfriend on the couch, Shui, Yoki, and Cynthia playing video games, Shui's bathroom scene where he peeps on Cynthia and Yoki, Shui's creative use of a trash can lid, Cynthia Khan's escape from a garbage masher, and the scene where Cynthia Khan finally introduces herself as Nieh Ling (Shui and Yoki had been calling her Chun Li until then). The deletion of these scenes is frustrating and completely baffling, making the already confusing story literally impossible to follow. Now, instead of just being a bad movie, it looks like a badly made movie. Did they really think that people wouldn't notice or even care about this wholesale hatchet job? The packaging is also totally bizarre, featuring an unattractive picture of people who aren't even in the film. The back cover is even better, showing screen shots of menus and special features that aren't on the disc. If you want to see this film at all, track down a bootleg tape of the laserdisc instead. You'll be glad you did.