Story Of Ricky (HK 1991)

Rating: **
Cast: Fan Siu Wing, Yukari Oshima, cameos by Gloria Yip, Philip Kwok

Fan Siu Wang plays the incredibly buff Ricky in this ultra-violent and ultra-disgusting adaptation of the Japanese manga, "Rikki Oh." It's laughably gross and outrageous in the "Fist Of The North Star" vein. Very gross. An ultra-butch Yukari Oshima is on hand as one of Ricky's adversaries, and it's unclear if she's supposed to be a really butch girl or a really pretty guy. Either way, she's a welcome player. Gloria Yip plays Ricky's girlfriend who is extremely cute and innocent - until she gets whacked. Even without subtitles it's really easy to figure out what's going on. Basically, Ricky is a young man who goes to jail after avenging his girlfriend's death. There, he becomes a champion of the weak and oppressed inmates, while constantly being punished by the corrupt warden and challenged by super powerful bullies. As you would expect, results are always extremely nasty.