Sting Of The Scorpion (HK 1992)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 3/17/02
Cast: Maggie Shaw, Anthony Wong, Wang Lung, Eddy Ko

A nasty tale of love, trust, and betrayal between three friends. Chi (Maggie Shaw), Chien (Anthony Wong), and Cheng are all police officers and best friends. Chi and Cheng grew up together in an orphanage and Cheng desperately longs for Chi's love. Unfortunately, Chi is blind to his desires and plans to marry Chien. When Chien discovers corruption in the police force related to an "international sex syndicate," wild accusations start getting thrown about and key witnesses start showing up dead. Chien finds out the truth all too late, and Chi is helpless to bring down the evil and manipulative Cheng. But she can still make him bleed...

A gritty no-nonsense actioner that's entertaining throughout. Maggie Shaw is wonderful - she's a great actress who is both tough and beautiful. The guy who plays Cheng does an excellent job as the psychotic villain and he is truly creepy. It's also nice to see veteran kung fu actor Wang Lung in action again, and he's still quite fit. The action scenes are frantic and intense in classic Hong Kong style. Good stuff.