Star Virgin (Japan 1988)

Rating: **
Cast: Eiko Kuroki

Simply amazing. Another unbelievably crazy and mind-blowing film that only the Japanese could make. It's an extremely silly spoof of rubber monster and giant robot sentai shows featuring our cute and plucky heroine, Star Virgin (Eiko Kuroki). She's just an ordinary teenage girl, but her father has strapped an unusual device on her arm that turns her into the scantily-clad superpowered intergalactic super-heroine Star Virgin whenever her chastity is threatened. Wow. She ends up trying to rescue a nerdo entomologist from a mad scientist's island and battles a bunch of silly monsters and robots along the way. The whole thing is done tongue in cheek with that no-nonsense seriousness that only the Japanese seem to be able to pull off. Eiko Kuroki is excellent as the deadly serious and airheaded heroine, and she's a thrill to watch strutting around and swinging a sword in her skimpy swimsuit armor. Purely mindless and innocent voyeuristic fluff that has absolutely no equivalent to anything domestically available. Extremely enjoyable.