The Snuff Bottle Connection (HK 1976)

Rating: **
Review Date: 10/3/99
Martial Arts Choreography: The Yuen Clan
Cast: John Liu, Hwang Jang Lee, Philip Ko

A classic kung fu movie with all of the traditional elements, including a laughably abrupt ending. The Russians have sent an envoy into Manchuria in order plan a secret invasion. Hwang Jang Lee is the treacherous Chinese general who is working with the Russians, and it's up to a couple of government agents (including leg fighter John Liu) to uncover the plot and bring the villains to justice. The key piece of evidence is a jade snuff bottle that the Russian general is carrying. Lots and lots of intricately choreographed and superbly executed kung fu, and the final reel is an exhausting spectacle as John Liu and Hwang Jang Lee go at each other. The traditionally bad dubbing features the same five guys that seem to dub EVERY kung fu ever made, and the Russians are a complete joke (although they fight pretty well). There are even parts of a John Barry "James Bond" music score that creep into the film on a couple of occasions. A fun kung fu actioner.