The Metropolitan Police Branch 82 - Rebirth (Japan 2001)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Silk And Steel (ADV Films)
Review Date: 6/13/02
Cast: Kumiko Hara, Miyuki Iijima

A surprisingly bad entry in the "Metropolitan Police Branch 82" (1995) series. Mika (Kumiko Hara) and Rin (super hot Miyuki Iijima) return as a pair of mismatched cops who always seem to get their man through hard work and determination, despite their bumbling. Mika is the cold and serious one, while Rin is the loose cannon who likes to live life on the edge. However, Mika's got her own issues to deal with, like obsessively having to wear a new pair of underwear for each assignment. As she says in the video, "I only wish that I'm wearing clean underwear when I die." What is up with that? After the girls are treated to a one week vacation by their boss, Rin falls in with a bad crowd and is brainwashed through torture and mind controlling drugs. Mika suspects something's wrong with her friend and foolishly sets herself up to be the villain's next victim. But Mika proves to be a bit harder to break... The story then turns into a charade of "who's fooling who?" as Mika rescues Rin and tries to turn her back to the side of truth and justice, highlighted by a wonderful round of Mika and Rin beating the crap out of each other (possibly the best part of the movie). Working together as a team again, the girls then set out to bring down the ridiculous chili slurping bad guy who's behind the whole operation.

Pretty awful on all accounts, apart from the fact that Miyuki Iijima is incredibly cute and sexy. The hand-to-hand combat and gunfights are fairly entertaining, but they're too sparse to lift the movie above its cheesiness and tedium. The movie was shot on video under poor lighting conditions, and the production values rank up there with the lesser "Zero Woman" (1995) films. There are also some sleazy sex scenes that push the movie into "Zero Woman" territory as well, which is rather disappointing. Still, the girls are cute and they're definitely tough, so this video will satisfy a girls 'n' guns craving in a pinch.