Shaolin Iron Eagle (HK 1978)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: Iron Swallow
Cast: Judy Lee (Chia Ling)

It's always nice to see Judy Lee kicking ass, and she is one mean bitch in this film. Ten years after a horrible crime, a young girl (Judy Lee) seeks to avenge her father's death. She systemically cripples the three accomplices and then goes after the head honcho. Unfortunately, he's tougher than anyone figured and he's also hired an assassin to kill the girl AND his former associates. There are also two young men (including the young boy from "Heroes Of Shaolin" (1979) ) who are best friends, but have unfortunately inherited their fathers' conflicts. It all comes down to a long and exhausting four-way slug-fest with the villain and his son finally taking the fall.

The kung fu and acrobatics are pretty good, but too often it looks like the players are holding back. Judy Lee pours on her trademark ferocious intensity and destroys everything in her path. She rocks! Overall, an entertaining but unambitious kung fu outing.