The Shaolin Invincibles (HK 1978)

Rating: ***
Cast: Judy Lee (Chia Ling), Lung Jun Er, Carter Wong, Chen Sing, cameo by Hwang Jang Lee (?)

Very amusing. A young girl was rescued by a Shaolin Buddhist monk when her family was executed by order of the emperor. Now she's grown up into the beautiful and deadly Judy Lee, and she's picked up another sister (Lung Jun Er) along the way (which is never explained). The two of them are on a quest for revenge and intend to kill the emperor. They are aided by two other monks (Carter Wong and Chen Sing) and together they take out the emperor and all of his cronies. Not surprisingly, Ms. Lee is the only one who survives the assault. Judy Lee looks great and delivers some excellent sword work and acrobatics. Cute Lung Jun Er also fights very well, but is not nearly as convincing. Carter Wong and Chen Sing also kick butt marvelously. The film is particularly memorable for its sorcerers with three-foot long tongues and a pair of kung fu fighting gorillas (in some of the worst gorilla costumes ever made).

Kung Fu Gorillas
The unforgettable kung fu gorillas.