Shaolin Deadly Kicks (HK 1977)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/23/10
Cast: Tan Tao Liang, Lo Lieh, Lung Jun Er

A band of robbers steal a treasure map and divide it into eight pieces. They agree to go into hiding and meet again in three years to dig up the treasure together. What they didn't count on was the relentless Tan Tao Liang tracking them down and collecting the pieces of the map for himself. The plot is painfully simple: Liang dispatches the eight bandits one by one, with each encounter being more dangerous and difficult than the previous ones. Cute Lung Jun Er gets thrown into the mix as a love interest of sorts, and she helps Liang take down the final bandit (perennial villain Lo Lieh). The ending is completely absurd and inconclusive, freezing on a frame of Lo Lieh exploding. The fighting is decent and Liang gets to show off his impressive leg work. Unfortunately, like all of his films, he seems completely incapable of emoting and his acting is incredibly stiff and wooden. Enjoyable, but not particularly memorable.