Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu (HK 1981)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/18/07
Director: Robert Tai
Cast: Alexander Lo Rei, Liu Hau Yi

Hmm... The title is quite a misnomer since chastity is never once mentioned, but at least it features some Shaolin monks. Well, two at least. The absurd Nine Devils Gang descends upon a small village and attempts to murder all of the inhabitants. A group of children manage to escape, along with Tien Chu (brawny Alexander Lo) and Chu Yan (pretty Liu Hau Yi). They are rescued by two travelling monks who then teach them the art of Tong Chi kung fu for self defense (presumably the ill-named chastity kung fu in the title?). Basically, this turns the kids into an acrobatic circus troupe, and their feats of strength, balance, and flexibility are truly astonishing. The final thirty minutes are an exhausting, and often silly, kung fu free-for-all between the kids and the Nine Devils. The Devils put up a good fight, but the kids finally defeat them with their gymnastic skills and power of song. Huh?!? What a bizarre and insane film this is! Director Robert Tai ("Ninja: The Final Duel") certainly has a bizarre perspective on the kung fu genre. Alexander Lo always entertains with his raw physical skill and crazy overacting, and Liu Hau Yi pulls off some good fighting as well. She is beautiful, dangerous, and fiercely defiant - my three favorite traits in a woman. The villains are all ridiculous and in desperate need of dental work. A good film if you like your kung fu on the silly side. Otherwise, it can be a chore to watch.