Sex And Zen (HK 1991)

Rating: ***
Director: Michael Mak
Cast: Lawrence Ng, Amy Yip, Kent Cheng, Tsui Kam Long, Carrie Ng

Erotic and raunchy. Lawrence Ng is a lecherous scholar who has doctor Kent Cheng replace his penis with that of a horse and tries to bed every woman he meets. He marries voluptuous Amy Yip, but is soon bored with her (!) and pursues other carnal delights, while she, lonely and frustrated runs off with the gardener (Tsui Kam Long, whose wife incidentally ran off with Mr. Ng) who later sells her to a brothel run by Carrie Ng. When husband and wife meet up again, she kills herself and he repents his lustful ways by becoming a monk. A good attempt to marry film and erotic literature, but ultimately it's just a softcore sex romp with a lot of gratuitious nudity wrapped in beautiful set dressing.