The Razor: The Snare (Japan 1973)

Rating: ***
Cast: Shintaro Katsu

Constable Itami "Razor" Hanzo is at it again, sticking his "member" where it doesn't belong. A fine piece of film with an engaging plot, beautiful cinematography, decent fight scenes, and enjoyable characters. Hanzo's weaselly boss and his two assistants really stand out in this one for some reason, and Hanzo is at his loud-mouthed beligerent bad-ass best. Nasty things are happening at a Shinto shrine. Nuns are selling young girls to wealthy corrupt merchants and are also performing abortions for those unfortunate lasses that get pregnant. After finding a dead victim of an abortion gone awry, Hanzo proceeds to torture a nun in his own unique style until she gives up the goods on the real menace behind the scenes. Unfortunately, the torture sequences and "penis stunts" are identical to the first film, which is kind of a letdown, but there is more gratuitous bloodletting to make up for it. Again, Hanzo shines as a hero for the common people, offering up his life to protect young country girls and poor farmers. A bizarre and complex character indeed, and apart from the main torture scene, the film is a fascinating cops and robbers flick, samurai style. On the ick side, this film features several ladies with black teeth. Ew...