Rumble In The Bronx (HK 1995)

Rating: ***
Director: Stanley Tong
Cast: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Yip Fong Wah (Francoise Yip), Bill Tung

Filmed in Vancouver, BC. The dialog is half and half Chinese/English, so most of it is easy to follow.

Disappointing. Not one of Jackie's best - the set pieces lack energy and originality, but there are still some good "oh my god" scenes and Yip Fong Wah is gorgeous. Jackie is a Hong Kong cop who goes to America to visit his uncle (Bill Tung) and look after his shop while he's on his honeymoon. But he runs into trouble with the local gangs, and the violence escalates to a final showdown in a hovercraft, of all things.

The U.S. release is pretty good, and only cuts out a few plot elements like Uncle Bill's wedding and Jackie's background as a cop.