Return Of Daimajin (Japan 1966)

Rating: ***
Alternate Title: Wrath Of Daimajin
Review Date: 5/11/13
Music: Akira Ifukube
Cast: Kojiro Hongo, Shiho Fujimura

There's some confusion regarding this title, as "Daimajin Strikes Again" (1966) also goes by the name "Return Of Daimajin." This is the second film in the series, and this time Daimajin is a god who lives on a small island in a lake. The kingdoms on either side of the lake are peaceful and prosperous, which makes the lord of a neighboring mountain kingdom jealous. As any cruel power monger would, he plots to take over both kingdoms and destroy Daimajin. Once again, the prayers of a maiden (pretty Shiho Fujimura) stir Daimajin's heart, and only her tears can calm his rage after his wrath is unleashed.

Another excellent entry in the series, with a solid plot and a strong cast. The action scenes are well done, and there are some extremely effective shots that utilize fog. Unfortunately, the visual effects tend to suffer, and Daimajin's arrival looks downright embarrassing. However, things improve greatly once he starts stomping around and smashing things up. Kojiro Hongo and Shiho Fujimura work well as lovers torn apart by war, and they hit all the right marks. An enjoyable film highlighted by beautiful locations and stunning cinematography.